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How to find the tonometer to check with it the truth of each moment,  to split Main and Important , Important and secondary, to stop and listen to Yourself…?

Let`s be united with the feelings which appear during my performance, and I will mix what I felt at the moment of music creation, and what I feel now - at the moment I play. What will be left for the Eternity, what is the Truth? That wonderful moment when you feel the complete junction with the author, complete submersion and unity. We will create special space and this moment will stay Forever. 

Emotions - Svetlana Raldugina

Hello my Friend!  We will speak with the  language of Music about most important - about You...

How often do you hear yourself? What you were dreaming about in your childhood? How do you realize your peace of God inside you? What is the most important thing you probably forgot about?

Flight of Spirit - Svetlana Raldugina

When I was a child I liked to organize concerts at my home. I draw tickets which members of my family bought, I was administrator, organizer and, of course, pianist . Everybody took their places and I started playing…

And now I play for you - as extension of home Concert, but the number of listeners has increased (thanks God!)) , and we all became adult...

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